Our Animals and Our Care

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Cashmere goats are not part of the UK farming tradition. Cashmere has been processed in Scotland for 200 years but not farmed in the UK commercially. Our Mongolian grade Cashmere goats have been with us for 15 years. They are a unique flock derived from some of the major cashmere producing countries in the world. Selectively bred for quality and quantity they are a joy to keep. It is a privilege to know these proud, semi-feral and delightful animals.

They live outside, enjoying free access to pasture but always having access to a warm barn if it’s wet or cold. It is their choice to come inside or stay out. We walk among them daily, checking to make sure all is well.¬† They have nothing to fear from us and it shows.

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Winter can be a tough time on the farm. The goats  take no notice of the snow when it comes, scratching away at the snow with sharp hooves to reach the grass underneath, but they have free access at all times to extra food and warm shelter from the bitter winds.

A Devon winter is hard on man and beast with frozen pipes, frozen fingers and endless filling of feed racks to keep every animal topped up.

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We take great care harvesting the fibre from our animals. The Cashmeres are combed in the spring . It takes a VERY long time and lots of patience and experience. Yields are low so many goats are needed to make any cashmere enterprise viable. Goats lead long, productive lives. Even at 10 they can still be producing good cashmere and we currently have a venerable old lady of 15 still going strong.

Welfare is key to all that we do here. It extends from helping animals into the world if mum needs a hand, right through to knowing when the end has come and making sure an aged or sick animal makes a swift, kind exit. Care and compassion are rewarded by animals which are easy to handle and, quite simply, a joy and a privilege to know. Contact is never forced but to have an animal willingly come and ask for the touch of your hand is a real pleasure we enjoy regularly.