Tellenby Merino

Once in a lifetime, if you are very lucky, you may find the idea or the project that fires you with such passion that you devote life, energy and resources to seeing it through to the end.

For us, bringing Superfine Merino back to the UK is that project. For many years now we have developed, grown and refined our flock by importing the very best Australian genetics. Now we are at the point where splitting the commercial wool production side and the breeding side makes sense.

Our wool and cashmere will still be sold under the trademark name BOWMONT but, the Merino breeding side, the Superfine stud operation, will be run under the new name TELLENBY.

By working with colleagues in Australia we have sourced the right genetics to produce a superb animal that thrives here in the UK and produces top quality Superfine Merino for our customers.

Glenara ewesThe technicalities are considerable and the knowledge required daunting.  13 years into the work, we are still learning. The development of these sheep has required a deep understanding of the commercial attributes of Merino wool and the constraints and opportunities in the European market.

Of course, the way we farm sheep in Europe is different from the way they are farmed in Australia.  We have learned what Merinos want and need and have been surprised at how easily they fit into our UK system.  Our Australian colleagues are NOT surprised. They know just how adaptable this amazing sheep is.

Animal Welfare is a priority. When customers are on our doorstep it is essential to be doing the right thing at all times.  Fortunately, we know no other way of working. The welfare of our sheep and our care for our land are always our first concern. For us, owning and managing both is a privilege.

In 2017 we made our first export of sheep to a partner flock in Switzerland. We hope, despite BREXIT, that exports to Europe will continue over the next few years.