Superfine Merino and Cashmere



We are commercial growers of top quality Superfine Merino wool and Mongolian grade cashmere. With over 500 animals in the 2 flocks here on our Devon farm we supply  retailers direct and, using commercial partners in Yorkshire and Europe, can take them through a project from fleece to finished article.

Over many years we have developed and refined our sheep and goats for British conditions, importing new genetics, measuring, recording, bench marking our progress, storing precious genetic material against disasters and  working hard to make our Merino and cashmere truly commercial. Ours is a professional operation, recognised in 2015 when we were granted membership of the Australian Superfine Wool Growers Association.


Our wool

But science isn’t our only passion. Without our animals, there would be no wool or cashmere. They deserve and receive the very best care.  Kindness, gentleness and patience are key in all our interactions with our Merino sheep or Cashmere goats.


Cashmeres in Autumn

Gentle care, quiet handling of animals and thoughtful husbandry of the land produce good wool and good cashmere. Why would we do anything else?

DSC_2039Dog and Ram Lambs Passing the Time of Day